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The Directorate of Sericulture is headed by Shri Jogesh Deuri,who is presently the Director of Sericulture & CHD, I/c, BTC with a plethora of experiences in all Sericulture sectors, armed with wide exposures on Silk sector Nationally and Internationally brought a Sea change to the Silk Industry in BTC. This is quite evident from the fact that due to his proper planning and vision, today the Council has been able to produce 972 MT of Eri Raw Silk (2016-2017) thereby being a largest producer of Eri Raw Silk in Assam which accounts to 26% of total Eri Raw Silk production of entire North Eastern Region. Owing to his quintessential vision and proper planning, BTC has emerged as one of the future Bivoltine Mulberry Raw Silk producing area in North East in addition to Eri and Muga. Understanding the importance of conserving Muga silk worm in the natural habitat, Sri Jogesh Deuri, established the first Wild Life Sanctuary for Muga silkworm.
The Sericulture Department of BTC is functioning under the control of separate Directorate. Presently, there are 401 nos. of personnel (Technical, non-technical and RMR) employed in Sericulture Department of BTC.