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The Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) is a territorial council established in Assam state of India according to the Memorandum of Settlement of 10 February 2003. BTC came into existence immediately after surrender of Bodo Liberation Tigers Force (BLTF) cadres. The BLTF laid down their weapons on 6 December 2003 under the leadership of Hagrama Mohilary and Hagrama was sworn in as the Chief Executive Member (CEM) on 7 December 2003. The BTC has 46 executive members each looking after a specific area of control called somisthi. The area under the BTC jurisdiction is called the Bodoland Territorial Area District(BTAD). BTC constitutes 35% of marginalised Tribal groups like Bodos, Rabhas, Garos, etc. who are against the hegemony of Assam government. The region falls within the geographical map of least developed region in India. The agro-based economy is the only source of livelihood of the people. Industrialisation and other employment opportunities are scant

The Bodoland Territotial Council orBTC has been divided into four districts for administrative purpose. It has been further subdivided into 10 Civil Subdivisions and 40 Development Blocks, some of which are partly in BTC area and partly outside. The provisional geographical area of BTC is 8795Sq.Km.

Its strategic location is blessed with beautiful forests of flora and fauna.